Driver leads LA cops on wild chase around Van Nuys Airport runway

A wild man in a sedan led Los Angeles cops on a 20-minute-long airport runway chase on Friday — culminating with him crashing into a fence, video shows.

Aerial footage shot by Fox 11 Los Angeles shows the man defiantly raise his hands out of the vehicle’s sunroof while maneuvering past executive jets at Van Nuys Airport.

The pursuit — which involved cops and multiple TV helicopters — ended with the man’s vehicle plowing through a fence on the edge of the airport and becoming disabled, according to reports.

At one point, police in two SUVs attempted to use a “PIT maneuver” to force the man’s car sideways, the Los Angeles Times said. Instead, the driver pulled off into a nearby grassy area.

Police told Fox 11 the suspect was found rambling about “Mexican drug cartels” and the “federal government.” He likely entered the runway via a nearby construction site, cops said.

The runway at Van Nuys Airport
The runway at Van Nuys AirportGetty Images/iStockphoto

The car belonged to his girlfriend.

“I’m sure she’ll be really happy about that today,” Sgt. Charles Pierce, of the LAPD, told Fox 11.

The incident remains under investigation, the Times said.

Credit: NYPOST

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