Federal prosecutors hit MS-13 ‘Board of Directors’ with terror charges

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn have indicted MS-13’s “Board of Directors” with terrorism charges, officials announced Thursday.

The US Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York announced Thursday that the notorious gang’s leaders are charged with conspiracy to provide and conceal material support to terrorists and conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries.

Prosecutors say they’re charging the 14 highest-ranking members of the transnational gang — 11 of whom are already behind bars, mostly in El Salvador. Three others are the subject of a federal manhunt by the FBI, the sources said.

Among the suspects is Borromeo Enrique Henriquez, who is known as “Diablito de Hollywood,” considered one of the gang’s most powerful members, prosecutors said.

The suspects make up the “Ranfla Nacional,” the gang’s ruling body, they said.

“The FBI is committed to combatting all forms of terrorism that threaten the American people as well as our international partners,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a statement.

The vicious gang, which has reached around the globe and has long been active locally on Long Island, is responsible for scores of murders and a trail of mutilated bodies.

President Trump has twice visited Long Island to address the gang’s violence and has met privately with the families of MS-13 victims.

The gang grew out of an LA street gang peopled in part by El Salvadoran immigrants in the 1980s, and evolved into one of the nation’s most violent criminal organizations.

MS-13 members are considered ruthless, with the machete as their preferred tool to punish enemies and wage revenge on those deemed disloyal.

Credit: NYPOST

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