Here’s the last time NYC saw more than a foot of snow from a single storm

Monday’s blizzard could bring more snow to New York City than any single storm in half a decade.

The monster storm — dubbed Orlena by the Weather Channel — is forecast to dump 14 to 18 inches of flakes on the Big Apple between Monday and Tuesday.

That would make it the first storm to blanket the city in more than a foot of snow since January 2016, according to the Weather Channel.

Between Jan. 22 and 24 of that year, Winter Storm Jonas buried the Big Apple under 27.5 inches.

On average, Central Park only sees more than 12 inches of snow in a single storm about once every four years, according to statistics compiled by the National Weather Service.

The last storm to make a run at the 1-foot mark was Winter Storm Gail in December, which brought about 11 inches of snow to Central Park.

Storms that have dumped more than 20 inches of snow on the city are even more rare — occurring just seven times since 1869, the majority of them in this century.

Winter Storm Jonas’s 27.5 inches marked the heaviest snowfall recorded at the city’s official Central Park reporting station since 1869, when records began being kept.

Borough Hall subway station filled with snow on January 23, 2016.
Borough Hall subway station filled with snow on January 23, 2016.
Paul Martinka

Credit: NYPOST

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