New Yorkers thrilled to shed masks outside after new CDC guidelines

Many New Yorkers happily shed their masks outside Wednesday — a day after the CDC updated its COVID-10 face covering guidelines.

“Hallelujah, hallelujah!” one bare-faced man on 55th Street near Sixth Avenue exclaimed when asked about the CDC’s new mask-free outdoor policy.

The majority of those strolling the Midtown thoroughfare appeared to be letting the lower-half of their face go nude on Wednesday afternoon.

Some who peeled away the face-wear wondered if they’d be judged by others — but ultimately decided they don’t care.

“No more mask if the CDC says I don’t need to when outdoors. If people want to shame me, they can redirect their anger to the CDC,” said Alex Clapp, 28.

“I followed the rules all along and I got my vaccine. I have done what I was told and until they say otherwise, I feel like it’s my right to choose mask or no mask outdoors,” he said.

The new guidance says people who have had all their COVID-19 shots can go outside without wearing a mask unless they’re at a large gathering like a concert — while even those who aren’t inoculated can still walk, bike and jog face-covering-free so long as they’re alone or with members of their household.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo quickly adopted the policy, calling it “liberating.”

Despite the devastating toll the virus has had on the Big Apple, including killing tens of thousands of people, Big Apple denizens said they’re ready to change their mentality about masking up outside.

“The CDC guidelines aren’t confusing,” said Mason Clifford, 36, who works in marketing. “People need to stop bitching and move on with their lives.”

Credit: NYPOST

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