NYPD cop lectures drivers on rules of road while ignoring big one

An NYPD cop lectured drivers on the rules of the road Wednesday — while appearing to forget an important one himself, a new video shows.

The nearly-minute-long video shared by the 66 Precinct starts with one of its officers clicking a button on his phone and talking into the camera while driving his cruiser.

“Yeah, I’m using the hand-free devices, that’s the safe way,” the officer says — before staring again into the camera and wagging his finger as the reflection behind him shows he’s still moving.

“Yes, this is Charlie on the Parkway,” he says during his factious phone call to a trucker who failed to yield for a pedestrian.

“If I see you driving my way, I want to see you driving the safe way, at 25 miles per hour.”

State law prohibits any “viewing, taking, or transmitting images” on your cell phone while driving.

Fines start at $50 for the first offense, according to the DMV.

The NYPD did not immediately respond for comment.

It appears that the 66th Precinct officer created a hashtag for his routine, CharleyOnTheParkway, which he used in a handful of videos of safe driving tips over the last two years.

Credit: NYPOST

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