Prison guard ordered to pay inmate he sexually assaulted $550K in damages

A former New York correction officer who was convicted of sexually assaulting a female inmate will have to pay his victim hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, a federal judge ordered on Friday.

The prison guard perv, Jeffrey Green, will have to pay the victim, identified in court docs as Jane Doe, a total of $550,000 in damages as well more than $39,000 in attorneys fees, Manhattan Federal Judge Ronnie Abrams ordered.

Green was sentenced to nine months in prison for the 2016 assault at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, where he worked as a guard, according to court documents.

One night in March of that year, Green opened the victim’s cell door after guards had done “the count” for the evening, and ordered her into the “bubble” of prison, where he was sitting.

Bedford Hill Correctional Facility
The prison guard, Jeffrey Green, will have to pay the victim $550,000.
Richard Harbus for New York Post

“Green asked if Doe was ready to give Green ‘a blow job,’” court documents state.

She refused and went back to her cell, but he followed her and sexually assaulted her.

“Green grabbed Doe by her arms and pushed her up against the cell wall and began to lick, kiss and bite her neck and fondle her breasts,” the documents state.

Bedford Hill Correctional Facility
The victim suffered sever emotional pain.
Richard Harbus for New York Post

He pleaded guilty to the assault in 2017.

In the weeks after the attack, the victim was branded a “snitch” by guards and inmates and suffered sever emotional pain, her lawyers said in court documents.

She couldn’t sleep soundly for more than two years after the attack and even cut her wrists in an attempt to “deaden the pain” of what Green had inflicted on her, they added.

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