Rihanna goes incognito at NYC protest against anti-Asian hate

Rihanna slipped by unnoticed at a Manhattan rally condemning anti-Asian violence.

The 33-year-old pop superstar blended into the crowd of protesters who gathered in Times Square on Sunday to demand an end to attacks targeting Asian-Americans in New York City.

She attended the march with her assistant, Tina Truong, who shared photos of her boss looking almost unrecognizable in a black face mask, sunglasses and baseball cap.

“This is what solidarity looks like!,” Truong captioned the slideshow on Instagram.

Videos from the march showed Rihanna dancing and mingling with protesters while carrying a sign that read “#StopAsianHate” and “Hate = Racism Against God,” which she appeared to have made herself.

None of the other demonstrators seemed to recognize the nine-time Grammy winner.

At one point, one attendee asked Rihanna for her Instagram username to tag her in a photo, and she entered it into his phone, revealing her identity.

“That’s you?,” he said in shock upon seeing the star’s account, which has nearly 94 million followers.

“When Rih gives you her IG handle but you think she trolling,” Truong wrote over the clip.

Credit: NYPOST

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