The best memes poking fun of Nevada’s slow vote counting

Nevada became the butt of the Internet’s joke Friday for counting 2022 election votes at a mind-bogglingly slow pace.

As of Friday evening, the Battle Born State had tallied an estimated 92 percent of ballots — the fewest in the country with the exception of Alaska.

Frustration over the snail-paced results sparked memes comparing the state to everything from an exhausted diva to a computer-solitaire-playing 90s office slacker. Here’s a round up of weirdest and funniest Nevada-bashing memes and videos that have popped up so far.

The office slacker

The message of this meme is clear to anyone whose been to the DMV. It casts Nevada as a lazy worker putting off the world while playing a little solitaire.

The TikTok attention-whore

This goofy clip, posted on the video-sharing app, features an cartoon-like image of Nevada lip-syncing next to the caption, “Nevada milking every second of its spotlight.”


she‘s become a bit dramatic, it’s understandable?? #waitforit #election #nevada #hamilton #foryou #fyp

♬ Wait for It – Leslie Odom Jr. & Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton

The “Real Housewives” drama queen

This is an election-related twist on a frequently used Twitter meme that shows freaked out “Real Housewives” star Taylor Armstrong one side and a cool-looking cat ignoring her on the other.  This meme has been seen a a lot online, but never has America been more able to empathize with Armstrong.

The exhausted diva

This one shows a photo of Tiffany Pollard, who appeared on the reality show “Flavor of Love,” expressing what we all think about Nevada dragging its heels.

The cartoon sloth

The meme highlights the molasses-slow character, Flash Slothmore from the animated film Zootopia, along with the line, “This the mf counting ballots in Nevada.”

The lazy pooch

This one shows an adorable pup snoozing on a beanbag with the caption, “Nevada taking another 24 hour nap after counting 1% of the ballots.”

Credit: NYPOST

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