Thieves pull off $25K smash-and-grab at Manhattan watch store

Brazen thieves smashed the glass at a luxury watch store in Midtown Tuesday night and made off with a cache of timepieces worth $25,000, the NYPD said.

Two men bashed their way into the Tourneau store at 510 Madison Avenue around 10:30 p.m., cops said.

“They just walk up to the plate glass window, and break the window with sledgehammers,” the police spokesman said, adding they snatched timepieces from display cases and booked it.

“They took almost 100 watches,” the spokesman said, adding that there were roughly “$25,000 worth of watches stolen.”

He said the owner of the ritzy watch store would have to take an inventory to determine the exact number of watches and value.

The men were seen fleeing the store in a black Kia Optima.

Credit: NYPOST

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