Lady who indulges in explicit video chat with boyfriend seeks advice after feeling used

A lady has sought the advice of netizens as regards her boyfriend who leaves outside the country and has subsequently introduced her to phone sex, in order to satisfy his urge.

According to the lady, her boyfriend is a type that loves sex a lot and hence they are not close to each other, they have resorted to using the phone as a medium to stay connected in that aspect.

Having occurred for a while, the lady has expressed disgust over such activity, due to the fact that she feels the relationship won’t lead to anything serious and that she is just being used.

The lady who feels like exiting such a relationship is affected by the fact that she loves the man so much and has already started missing his company barely a few days after she objected to his usual request (phone sex).

Read the story below:

Lady Boyfriend Phone SexLady Boyfriend Phone Sex Lady Boyfriend Phone SexLady Boyfriend Phone Sex

Credit: Gistreel

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