Man laments after discovering that his girlfriend whom he’s sponsoring in school is double-dating

A man has sought the advice of people on the way forward after he discovered that his girlfriend whom he’s sponsoring in school was having some amorous affair with other men.Man narrates how he lost a job because he left 10 minutes before his employer arrived

Narrating the story, the man disclosed how he took it upon himself to sponsor the lady in a polytechnic because her parents were poor. He did this with the aim of marrying her after she must have graduated.

The man revealed that he has actually spent a lot of money on her since she began schooling, only for him to infiltrate into her WhatsApp chats to discover that she has been flirting with other men.

He wrote:

“I have been dating this girl for over a year now and I love her so much. She’s 21 years old now while I’m 27 and a graduate. I am hoping to get married as soon as possible. Waiting for her precisely!. So what I need advice is that I do take care of this girl a lot. Less than 3 months when we started dating I bought her an iphone cos she was really complaining of how bad her phone was… “

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