Man narrates his experience with girlfriend who ordered makeup kit online and asked him to pay for it

Twitter user, Vhic_tore has shared his experience with his girlfriend who ordered a make-up kit without telling him, and asked him to pay for it.

In his words;

“So my babe arranged a date with me recently, two days after valentine’s day since she was away. I got to the venue and waited for her to join me as she came in 10 minutes later.

We ordered what we wanted and began to eat with love in the atmosphere. I noticed she was on her phone sending messages so I asked her why she was doing that, she just nodded that she needed to reply something urgent and dropped it.

40 minutes later or thereabouts, a lady walked in and joined us on our table holding a package. My babe greeted her as she sat down and handed the package to her, she then handed me the package and said that’s the makeup kit I sent you the screenshot on Jiji.

I told her it’s really lovely and she said what about the money I should pay the Jiji, I just smiled as I didn’t want to disgrace myself. After the vendor left, I couldn’t eat my food as my appetite had disappeared. She could’ve told me about it at first but it’s all good”.

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Credit: Gistreel

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