Meet this couple with a love story that will make you cry (Video)

A woman who has vowed never to give up on her disabled husband, has shared heartwarming story of how she met him.

According to the story shared by Afrimax, she said;

“When he proposed to me, it was quite unique because he lived far from here. My husband was born here but he had this disability that could not allow him to make any movement. So he sent a messenger to me on his behalf. The messanger said he came to find a husband for me.

I felt like it was the right time for me to get married so I came here to see who my husband would be. I saw that it was this man and my heart convinced me that he was the right partner.

I would never give up on him no matter what. If I was to give up on him, I would have done it early.

During crisis, people were fleeing and they advised me to flee and abandon him since he can’t run, but I said no. If it’s our time to go, we would die together, and if we survive, we survive together. I remained by his side and with God’s mercy, we survived.

Those who fled came back and met us here. God protected us. I am telling you this once again that I will never give up on him no matter what, until death do us part.

If we don’t have money, we relax and have faith that with time, money will come. It’s now almost 60 years living together in love.”

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