“Women looking sexy is not a sin, I love them on leg chains and waist beads” – Pastor asserts

A pastor has attracted lots of attention to himself after he asserted that women looking sexy is not a sin.Pastor Women Sexy Leg Chain Waist beads

The pastor who sees nothing wrong with the modern fashion styles that have dominated the world, took to his official Twitter handle to pledge his support for these worldly trends among women.

He noted that women looking sexy isn’t a sin and further stated that as a pastor, he loves women who put on waist beads, leg chains, pierce different parts of their ears and wear moderate make-up.

He wrote:

“I am a Pastor; I love waist beads, I love leg chains, I love multiple ear piercings and light make-up. Women looking sexy is not a sin. Slay it”.

See the tweet below:

Pastor Women Sexy Leg Chain Waist beads

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