UK Army tests suit that can make their soldiers fly in the air (Video)

The British Royal Navy and Royal Marines may soon be using a kit that would give their officers an aerial advantage during operations.

According to CNN, the British force tested a jet suit that could enable soldiers to elevate themselves high up into the sky.

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The gadget developed by Gravity Industries allows individuals wearing it to fly in the air up to 12,000 feet at the speed of 80 mph.

A video showing the trial has a soldier who has the jet pack flying off a ship. According to the media, when in proper use, the body gadget will allow soldiers to be able to quickly board planes in dangerous zones.

During the test operation, the tech company tried out the suits with 42 officers at sea, spending a total number of three days.

Watch video below:

Royal Marines Jet Suit Boarding Ex Credit: Newzandar

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