was launched yesterday as a social networking site with a twist. Apart from allowing you to share memories, connect with friends, read breaking news from Linda Ikeji’s blog, you can also MAKE MONEY on the Linda Ikeji Social Network. Awesome…huh?

You can make money from linda ikeji social.I have joined Linda ikeji social network (LIS) a social network by a popular Nigerian blogger called Linda ikeji the owner of

How i made my first 15,000 naira from CoolNaira
Though the site lindaikeji social have some criticism which are yet fixed but will be done in due time yet it is still one of the best innovations to generate extra income to your already made income source.
Today in Newzandar I am going to show you other unimaginable ways you can put in action to make money while others think within the deal circle of
Gateways to Lindaikejisocial earning point
First you will have to register with the social network
You will have to fill out a nice profile , upload your pictures and build a viewable profile page
Grow your followers by posting interesting updates in your timeline and other section of the social network
Comment and tell others to follow you so that you can also follow them in return.
Follow me on LIS
Creative ways To make money from lindaikejisocial
How to create a business page that makes money LIS
what is Linda ikeji social? and how to join
Share your affiliate links
I know you never think about this but i must tell you its the best way of promoting your affiliate link especially when you are targeting Nigerians. Could you imagine how many millions of users on that site. don’t dull your style let the visitors be advantageous to your monthly earning through sharing your affiliate links.
To those who are promoting the best referral program in Nigeria ©collnaira don’t you think that’s the best strategy you can see to increase your affiliate sale and get more referrals.
Build your mail list subscribers
Don’t wander why i mentioned this above method because with your subscribers you can make money online by sending the affiliate related posts and selling your digital or physical products. so if you have more subscribers you are liable to get more sales in your site
Build LIS traffic to make money
Lindaikejisocial(LIS) is having better and great amount of daily visitors around the world. so sharing your site links in your pages profile sections , comment sections could be a great way of getting traffic to your blog and websites. Don’t tell me you don’t know that traffic is money. more traffic more ads clicks and more sales
Highlighted ways To make money from Linda ikeji social
The Ordained DealLinda ikeji social is given out one million naira to LIS users and among this budgeted cash it was clearly stated that 20,000 naira each will be given out to the first 50 persons to get 100 followers. hmmm isn’t that simple? All you have to do is building a profile worth viewing sharing your profile link, Tell friends to follow you in status and comment section that you will follow the in return.
If you mean business you can even spend some bulks to advertise you profile online to get more followers. share your profile on social medias. Who knows with your little effort if you can be among the winners of the 20,000 each
The article WRITING she wants to turn every Nigerian to become journalist hahaha i trust Nigerians. As Linda promised to be given out ,1000 naira for every unique posts which you sent to LIS(Linda ikeji social) You put the things happening around you in writing to earn this cash.
Things happen around us daily be very detective to any new event. snap write and send to LIS to earn 1k per posts. I.e if you are able to submit 20 posts that’s cool 20,000 naira
LIS Page adverts In Linda’s Video about LIS she further added that every LIS page with 50,000 users will be used for adverts and the owner of the page will get 20% commission of what the advertisers spend
She also stated that if your page is 100,000 you will earn 20×2% commission of advertisers expenditure. That’s nice now the ball is your court and you are to play it the way you know it can favour you.
Don’t under look the power of making money from linda ikeji social until you have put effort to see how effective and great it could be. Be serous about using LIS just like you are dedicated to other social medias surely you will make the cash. Over to you !!! have you any other creative way to earn from LIS kindly share your view.

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