“She has made me a celebrity….” Lizzy Anjorin’s husband, Lawal now moves around with security

Weeks ago, actress and Gold & Diamond Merchant, Liz Anjorin got married to her lover of 14 years, Lawal Abdullateef, a Lagos businessman.

Lizzy Anjorin and Husband
Lizzy Anjorin and Husband

Lawal Lateef in a new interview has revealed that since they got married, it has cost him his privacy.

“I think it was because of my wife. She is a celebrity. By virtue of getting married to her now I have become a celebrity. Now, I can’t live my normal life again. I can’t go everywhere like before. Now, I go around with security to protect me. I don’t know how you sleep and wake up and become a star, a celebrity just like that.”

Also speaking, Lizzy Anjorin in a chat with Seye Kehinde said “Overnight he has become a Celebrity. He can’t go everywhere again now. He no longer goes out. He stays here with me. He recently went out to an event and everybody wanted to take photos with him. They were all shouting, see Liz Anjorin’s husband. He is shy, you know. He had to rush out of the place. He now moves around with security details.

Lizzy Anjorin and Husband
Lizzy Anjorin and Husband

So, you can see that I am married to my Padi, my best friend. My gist partner. We yab ourselves freely. You can see me yabbing him. He too makes fun of me. To me, he is a flawless man. Whatever people say, I love him. We both live together. He has been telling me he wants to make me someone in life. He keeps spoiling me silly.

He is a man of simple taste.

We got married at a place called Lekki Miami, I supplied everything.


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