See what you don’t know about the richest city in the world

New York City is currently the richest city in the world.

This is mainly because the city is the home to 85 billionaires with the total net worth of $ 469.7 billion including Michael Bloomberg who is worth $ 55.5 billion and is currently the richest resident of New York City. Others are, Estee Lauder heir Ronald Lauder, JPMorgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon and Highbridge Capital cofounder Henry Swieca

It is also noteworthy to know that 120,605 residents of New York are worth more than $ 5 million. This number is equivalent to 4.1% of the world’s population.

President Donald Trump was a resident of New York until he became the President of the United States. He is still the city’s most famous landlord.

At the core, New York is Manhattan, a densely populated borough which is one of the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centres. Some iconic sites in New York include skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building, sprawling Central Park, the Statue of Liberty.

Statue Of Liberty

New York has a population of 8.399 million, a GBP of $842.3 billion and Bill de Blasio as its mayor. If you are planning a trip to the most cosmopolitan city in the world, then you should probably know that a 3-star hotel in New York currently averages at $140, while a 5-star hotel averages at GH₵700 a night.

The state of New York covers an area of 54,555 square miles (141,300 km2) which makes it the 27th largest state in The United States of America. New York is also the home of Mount Marcy which the elevation of about 5,344 feet (1,629 meters) above sea level.

Below are photos of the seal and flag of the state of New York;


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