Bobby Berk from ‘Queer Eye’ is critiquing Animal Crossing homes on Twitter

The hit Nintendo Switch game “Animal Crossing” just got a little more fabulous.

The video game, which has become an essential part of people’s quarantine, has been joined by one of the Fab Five on the hit Netflix show “Queer Eye.”

On Tuesday, the official Netflix account tweeted that Bobby Berk, known for his impeccable sense of interior design, would be giving his expertise and invited players to tweet him photos of their in-game house.

In Animal Crossing, the player’s avatar lives on a deserted island, starting with a tent and gradually upgrading the residence into a multiple-roomed house. Players decorate these homes however they please, all the while paying off expenses.

Berk’s criteria for quality in Animal Crossing interiors is simple: design skills, themes, furniture and lighting — similar to his design touchstones in Queer Eye.

Animal Crossing has sold over 5 million copies since its release in March. Many celebrities have also been playing as well.

Berk reached out to Chrissy Teigen, another avid Animal Crossing player, but she has not responded.


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