Manhattan protester busted by NYPD, loaded into unmarked minivan

A protester was grabbed off a Manhattan street by undercover NYPD cops and loaded into an unmarked minivan on Tuesday afternoon, according to fellow demonstrators and images of the event.

The protest was making its way through Kips Bay a little before 6 p.m., tailed by a contingent of marked NYPD vehicles and uniformed cops, when the encounter went down.

“An unmarked van just snatched up a protester on 25th & 2nd and NYPD started attacking us!!!!!” a protester wrote on Twitter.

The demonstrator also said that the group “was a peaceful protest that was headed to Madison Sq Park for a meditation.”

Law enforcement sources told The Post that the woman was a suspect in a previous crime.

Other posts on Twitter included a video of a tense scene between protesters and lines of uniformed NYPD bike cops, some bearing batons and canisters of pepper spray.

While the clip did not capture the arrest, a Post photographer did.

Three cops in plainclothes were seen wrestling a protester into the backseat of an unmarked, light-colored minivan, while two other undercover officers kept other demonstrators at a distance.

Sources said that other protesters started throwing rocks and bottles when they attempted to detain the suspect.

A total of 12 people were arrested including the woman who was taken in the unmarked van.

The scene played out days after demonstrators trashed NYPD vehicles in Lower Manhattan and clashed with cops, as part of a larger wave of national unrest.

Source: Newzandar News

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