“Bring My Sister, We Want To See Our Sister’s Corpse” – Family Members of Late Iniubong Cry Out [VIDEO]

The family members of the late Iniubong Umore, the lady who was raped, killed and buried in a shallow grave by some men who alleged lied about giving her a job have been filmed lividly demanding to see the late sister’s corpse.

It was reported that Iniubond Umore had left home in search for a job and informed her relatives about the place she was going but she never returned home even after three days.

Her childhood friend named Umoh Uduak took to social media to sound the alarm claiming that all attempts by her to reach Iniubong has proved futile and revealed that the alleged man who notified her about the job is in connection to Ini’s murder.

Ini’s family stormed the Police station demanding to see the remains of their daughter and sister.

“If the police are transparent, they should release the body,” a voice was heard saying in the video

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Watch the video below;

Below are some reactions to the video;

@okon.jones: A sensible governor will take up this matter and ensure the right thing is done . How do you exhume a corpse send it over for autopsy without the approval and ID verification by the family of the deceased

khemyojo: I had a feeling there was something suspicious the way they were able to capture the killer on time.its unlike the usual.

@iamkingdineroo: Useless NPF, they want Bail money on the corpse but don’t know how to go about it


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