Teens slam school’s ‘sexist’ dress code: ‘It perpetuates rape culture’

It’s a hot belly button issue — and the kids are going crop-top crazy. 

With their tummies on full display, a band of rebel students in California staged a midriff mutiny in objection to their high school’s “sexist” dress code policy on June 3. 

And since-viral footage of their waistline walkout has garnered more than 3 million views on TikTok.

“The dress code is sexist towards women and perpetuates rape culture. It makes us very uncomfortable,” said the creator of the clothing coup, Evita Frick-Hisaw, 16, on the social media platform. 

“We as students feel like what we wear is not distracting towards others or affecting anyone’s learning environment,” the abdomen-baring advocate added. 

According to the teen’s trending posts, school administrators scheduled an assembly last Thursday to forbid coeds from wearing shirts that showed their stomachs. 

But with Instagram Stories as her soapbox, Frick-Hisaw called for her male and female peers to don midriffs to school that day and walk out as the dress-code caucus in an act of defiance.  

‘Our bodies, our choice. It’s isn’t our fault they’re distracted.’

“In protest of the dress code assembly regarding ‘too much mid-drift,’ we are all wearing crop tops,” her digital flyer read. 

“Our bodies, our choice. It’s isn’t our fault they’re distracted,” Frick-Hisaw added. “They can’t take away our confidence and self-expression.”

Midway through the principal’s dress-code address, students stormed out of the assembly room and took to the school’s courtyard wearing crop tops, bralettes and baby tees, per video of the demonstration.

California student Evita Frick-Hisaw went viral on TikTok after organizing a crop top rally in protest of her high school's "sexist" dress code.
California student Evita Frick-Hisaw went viral on TikTok after organizing a crop-top rally in protest of her high school’s “sexist” dress code.
@baggyjeanmom via TikTok

Protesters painted messages across their stomachs that read: “Distraction,” “It’s not my fault” and “Am I distracting?” — challenging the notion that their bare bellies disrupt classroom workflow. 

They also picketed with computer paper-sized signs saying, “Teach boys to focus, not girls to cover up.” 

And as a flick of the nose to faculty and staffers who oppose their revealing clothes, students typed up a missive reading: “If children’s midriffs distract you, you should not be working with children.”

Protest signs challenged school administrators.
Protest signs challenged school administrators.
@baggyjeanmom via TikTok

Audiences on TikTok applauded Frick-Hisaw for her advocacy. 

“I am LIVING for this… I wish I had the idea to do this back when I was in school,” one cyber supporter wrote in her comments. 

“I mean in University we don’t have a dress code and everything fine and no one is distracted so idk where they get that from,” another said. 

Frick-Hisaw ended her viral video saying her ensemble insurrection inspired “real talk” about the dress code between students and admins. 

However, she admitted that some kids did get kicked out of school following the daring demonstration. 

And in a separate clip, the teen acknowledged that she and her freedom-fighting friends won’t be able to flaunt their midriffs once they graduate and enter into the professional word. 

“I understand that…But now, we are in school. We are in a learning environment and we should not be kicked out of class just because we’re wearing a crop top,” Frick-Hisaw said. 

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